Vion moves up one level to tier 2 in global Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare

Date: 26-02-2019

Today the report of the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) has been published. Vion has moved up one level to tier 2. With this classification BBFAW recognises that Vion has made animal welfare an integral part of its business strategy.

The benchmark evaluates the world’s leading food producers, retailers and food service companies with regard to their practices, processes and performance on farm animal welfare.

Animal welfare is becoming an increasingly important topic for consumers, alongside issues related to food provenance, traceability and quality. The Business Benchmark provides companies with a clear set of expectations on farm animal welfare management practice and reporting, enabling them to benchmark themselves against industry peers and to progressively drive up welfare standards in their supply chains.

BBFAW is supported by its founding partners, the leading animal welfare organisations, Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection. The 2018 benchmark covers 150 companies across 23 countries. The BBFAW has been designed to encourage higher farm animal welfare standards across the food industry.

The benchmark uses six tier levels:
1. The company has taken a leadership position on farm animal welfare
2. The company has made farm animal welfare an integral part of its business strategy
3. The company has an established approach to farm animal welfare but has more work to do to ensure it is effectively implemented
4. The company is making progress on implementing its policies and commitments on farm animal welfare
5. The company has identified farm animal welfare as a business issue but provides limited evidence that it is managing the issue effectively
6. The company provides limited if any evidence that it recognizes farm animal welfare as a business issue

During the past two years Vion has shown a steady increase from tier 4 in 2016 to tier 3 in 2017 and now up to tier 2 in 2018.