Vion Perleberg receives ‘Enterprise of the Year’-award

Date: 09-03-2018 Tags:

Wittenberge, 9 March 2018 – Vion Perleberg GmbH was chosen ‘Enterprise of the Year’ at the 14th Prignitz Industry Ball. The jury members specifically mentioned the “working far beyond the borders of the region”. Geschäftsführer Klaus Voigt accepted the award on behalf of his more than 500 employees.

The 200 guests in the “Alten Ölmühle” in Wittenberge were enthused and approved the words of the main well-wisher, Brandenburg Finance Minister and Deputy Premier Christian Görke with loud applause. Vion Manager Klaus Voigt was very happy with the award and emphasised that the good work was also noticed in the Dutch headquarters of Vion. He also sent a reminder towards the politicians: “One often has the feeling that the border regions are less respected by the politicians. I would like to see that the rural areas are not forgotten during the allocation of funds.”

Vion Perleberg slaughters, debones and cuts, packages and sells pork. Currently, the slaughtering capacity is about 4,500 animals per day.