Vion to take over Otto Nocker as well as six meat markets in Bavaria (Ger)

Date: 27-07-2017 Tags:

Buchloe, 27 July 2017 – Vion Food Group is about to expand its presence in the Bavarian market by taking over meat and sausage specialist Otto Nocker in Germaringen along with six meat markets. Previously, the company was part of the insolvent LUTZ Fleischwaren group of companies.

The acquisition of Nocker in Germaringen, Germany, underlines the growth strategy announced by Vion in 2016. “The announced take-over is in line with our ambition for the best market positions and strong regional brands,” says Francis Kint, CEO of Vion.

The gourmet professionals from the Allgäu region, as Nocker identifies itself, perfectly fit the new Vion strategy for moving up in the value chain. Bernd Stange, Vion’s COO Beef, emphasised that Vion is focussed on strengthening the Nocker brand and on providing Nocker’s customers with a guarantee that previous business relationships will be fully maintained with the highest quality standards.

By purchasing seven locations in Germaringen, Ingolstadt, Traunstein, Günzburg, Kulmbach, Blaichach and Hammelburg, Vion confirms its leading market position in Bavaria. The company recently had a turnover of approx. 50 million Euro. Bernd Stange: “Vion wants to offer all 163 employees from the seven sites a perspective in the future company.”

The acquisition still needs to be cleared with the competent creditor committees and the antitrust authorities.