Good Farming Balance

The chain concept Good Farming Balance is a response to specific international market demands. Each country has its own preferences regarding the way in which meat is prepared and eaten. Together with our pig farmers, we ensure the production of the exact quantities that a specific market needs, in line with the exact specifications. This requires focused alignment. It is our belief that demand-driven chains are the future – which is why they are the starting-point for Vion’s policy. Our approach guarantees the permanent availability and quality of meat – in exactly the right volumes and customer specifications.

Good Farming Organic

The Good Farming Organic chain is a strong one, stretching from farmer to dinner table. This meat has authentic flavour and natural origins. The animals are reared in accordance with (inter)national standards for organic pig farming. All pigs get plenty of rest and space, the better to thrive. Also, they are able to go outdoors. Good Farming meat has been awarded with the three stars of the Beter Leven (Better Life) quality mark as well as the EKO label. De Groene Weg – one of the Vion Food Group’s subsidiaries – focuses exclusively on organic meat.

Good Farming Star

The chain concept Good Farming Star, taking off in 2010, was the first large-scale quality concept in the Netherlands at the time. It pays extra attention to animal welfare and sustainability. Within this concept, Vion cooperates with well over 180 Good Farming Star pig farmers in the  Netherlands. In the supermarkets of Dutch retailers, the meat carries the single star of the Beter Leven (Better Life) quality mark. This mark, carried by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (Dierenbescherming), results in additional attention to animal welfare and health, such as more living space and playing materials.

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