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Cattle farmers

Vion Rundvee B.V.

The employees at Vion Rundvee supervise the purchase and sale of all animal flows in cattle farming. This concerns cattle intended for
meat production, calves, breeding and production cattle and export cattle. Vion Rundvee is responsible for the transport of slaughter cattle from all over the Netherlands to the production location of Vion Tilburg.

Vion RundveeNet gives livestock farmers online insight into the slaughter data from Vion slaughterhouses. The dashboard provides direct insight into the weight, quality and animal health records of the animals. Together with their own veterinarian, livestock farmers can take action to prevent or control possible animal health recordings in the livestock in the long term. In this way, they optimise their operational management for milk production, and produce healthier cows with a higher meat turnover.

Vion Zucht- und Nutzvieh

Vion Zucht- und Nutzvieh GmbH is a Vion Food Group company in Germany. It is the main supplier of slaughter cattle for Vion and also operates cattle trading as an additional service to the cattle farmer.

Vion Zucht- und Nutzvieh GmbH has five locations in the north/west/east of Germany from where its operational activities are managed. In total, Vion Zucht- und Nutzvieh GmbH employs more than 100 people.