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Vion strengthens demand-driven chain concept Good Farming Balance for the future 

Vion is a market leader in building demand-driven chains with the aim of providing farmers a sustainable future and consumers safe, healthy and tasty food. Cooperation in the chain, from farmer to plate, and the balance between supply and demand are of daily importance in this. Vion is constantly committed to the further development of these chains as a spearhead for a future-proof sector. Due to recent developments, Vion has further optimised the Good Farming Balance chain.

Ever since Vion introduced Good Farming Star in 2010, the company has been at the forefront of building demand-driven chains. In 2017, Vion successfully introduced a new demand-driven approach for international pork markets: Good Farming Balance. About 75% of pig suppliers to Vion supply within this demand-driven concept. Vion attaches great importance to sustainable relationships, security and stability. Both from the perspective of the pig farmer and from Vion. Together, we ensure quality meat that meets market demand.

Adjustment agreement
The basis for the Good Farming Balance agreement that Vion has with its suppliers was laid in 2017 when it was introduced. Developments in the market, society and laws and regulations lead Vion to make some adjustments to the Good Farming Balance agreement. With the aim of maintaining the benefits of Good Farming Balance for the chain, now and in the future.

According to the Dutch Authority Consumer and Market (ACM), the Good Farming Balance agreement does not fully comply with the new Law unfair trade practices agricultural and food supply chain. After discussions on this with the ACM, Vion voluntarily proposed to bring the existing agreement in line with the current legislation.

In addition, on its own initiative, Vion is adjusting the composition of the PIG basket in the agreement to better reflect the current market situation, the capping of the supplementary payment will lapse and Vion will pay an advance payment of 0.5 cents per kilo for each fattening pig delivered over the first six months.

Differentiation in sub-concepts
Vion is actively taking steps to further develop the Good Farming Balance chain. This is achieved by differentiating in market segments and building demand-driven sub-chains with a focus on sustainability and animal welfare, such as Robusto, World and the Good Farming sustainability pilot. In this way, Vion works together with its suppliers and customers, and ultimately consumers, to make the pork chain more sustainable.

Vion’s suppliers will be informed personally.