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Vion takes over contract slaughtering for Munich ‘Schlachthof Zenettistraße’

Regional orientation takes hold – Vion’s Landshut operation takes over 2,000 pigs per week from Schweineschlachtung München GmbH.

Since the end of June, the Vion plant in Landshut has successively taken over the contract slaughtering of the majority of the pigs delivered in Munich, which recently amounted to approximately 3,000 per week. The strategic concept of the reorientation of the Vion plant in Landshut, which has been primarily responsible for the regional business in southern Bavaria for the Dutch-German group of companies since June of this year, is thus taking effect.

 “We are pleased that this arrangement will continue to ensure short transport routes for approximately 100,000 pigs annually from various producer groups and livestock traders in the region, who will no longer be able to use the slaughterhouse in Munich in the future,” says Franz Beringer, Managing Director of the Vion slaughterhouse in Landshut.

Schweineschlachtung München GmbH itself had closed down its operations at Zenettistraße in Munich on 30 June. Nevertheless, for many customers in gastronomy and trade – such as those of the ‘Interessengemeinschaft Bayerisches Strohschwein e.V.’ – it remains essential that the slaughtering remains in the region. “Beyond this location issue, which is important for regional pig production,” says Beringer, “producers now use a state-of-the-art infrastructure in Landshut with the highest standards in terms of animal welfare, stunning and slaughter quality.”