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Vion’s vision of being a good employer regarding third-party workers

The success of our organisation depends heavily on the commitment, involvement, motivation and well-being of all our employees. This requires a proactive personnel policy, within which the further development of employees and the organisation is central.

Vion works closely with certified employment agencies
More than 11,000 employees work at Vion, both in its own employ and through third-party labour companies. In the Netherlands, Vion works closely with third-party labour companies to hire temporary workers, as is common in many industries. This is mainly due to fluctuation in supply of work and because the supply of people in the region is insufficient. Within Vion, therefore, foreign employees also work on a temporary basis. These employees are of great importance to our operations and we therefore try to bind them to us as well as possible by offering them the same conditions, circumstances and growth opportunities as our own employees. Often, foreign employees themselves consciously choose to only work in the Netherlands on a temporary basis and therefore prefer employment through a third-party labour company.

Vion only cooperates with preselected recognised and certified third-party labour companies for the hiring of temporary workers. The third-party labour companies must comply with the rules laid down in the Dutch SNA standard (Stichting Normering Arbeid), which monitors, among other things, correct payment. In addition, Vion requires the third-party labour companies to comply with the SNF standard (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) for providing good housing. Vion itself also conducts spot checks on housing on site and carries out spot checks on wages at the third-party labour companies. In this way, Vion is committed to providing suitable housing to our temporary workers, preferably as close to their work as possible. As a member of the employers’ organisation COV, Vion also applies a Fair Employment Code. This code offers – on top of laws and regulations, the SNA and SNF standards and the collective labour agreement – extra assurances for this group of employees, for example with regard to health and safety.

Diversity and inclusiveness
Vion actively encourages its employees to become permanent employees. Foreign employees in particular are interested in committing themselves for a longer period of time. We consider it important to actively promote the integration of foreign employees within Vion and within society. We offer our employees various language courses, tailor-made familiarisation programmes, career opportunities, housing support through the third-party labour companies and related support services.

Within an international company like Vion, diversity and inclusiveness are important issues. With production sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and sales support offices around the world, it is important for an organisation to consciously deal with cultural differences and backgrounds. To create a pleasant and safe working environment, Vion offers country-themed weeks in the canteens, company communication in various languages, native speaking field coaches as a point of contact and support, and simplified communication through pictograms and other visualisations. Whether working in-house or through a third-party labour company, at Vion every employee is treated equally. By cooperating with municipalities and other social bodies, we also encourage the intake of people with a work limitation, refugees or foreign employees.

Working at Vion means helping to build future-proof, sustainable food chains. In doing so, you contribute to the development of tomorrow’s food. Together, we make the difference, both within the chain and beyond. We are proud of that.