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World Steak Challenge 2023: Vion wins 2x gold, 1x silver and 5x bronze

This year’s World Steak Challenge (WSC) has announced its 2023 winners. Eight medals in the world’s most demanding premium meat competition going to Vion Food Group at an award ceremony in London this evening. The awards go to the ribeye, fillet and sirloin products from the Vion beef slaughterhouses in Waldkraiburg (DE), Buchloe (DE) and Tilburg (NL). 

Amsterdam/Buchloe, November 13, 2023. To identify the best steaks in the world – and to award them tonight – the 60-strong jury of high-ranking chefs, butchers, food journalists and other culinary experts came together in Amsterdam for this year’s World Steak Challenge in October. As part of the competition, the steaks are judged on the basis of appearance, tenderness, taste and juiciness in various blind tastings. With a sensational result of eight medals, Vion was able to successfully build on last year’s success. 

“It makes us very proud to have achieved such great results again at the World Steak Challenge. Not only were all participating locations recognised and thus our quality standard within Vion. The typical regional cattle breeds also received awards. This reinforces our regional approach to meat production”, says a delighted Willi Habres, Director National Sales Vion Germany. 

Vion Waldkraiburg submitted a wide variety of specified cuts from Simmental cattle, Vion Buchloe from Allgäu Grasfed Braunvieh and Vion Tilburg from the crossbreed MRIJ (Maas-Rhein-Ijsselvee) from the Netherlands. All these products belong to the Vion premium brand Goldbeef. 

All Vion results at the WSC 2023 at a glance: 
Gold: Ribeye Buchloe Grasfed Braunvieh, Filet Waldkraiburg Simmental
Silver: Ribeye Waldkraiburg Simmental 

Bronze: Filet Tilburg MRIJ, Filet Grasfed Braunvieh Buchloe, Roastbeef Waldkraiburg Simmental, Roastbeef MRIJ Tilburg and Roastbeef Grasfed Buchloe