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Dutch classics and innovative specialities

Eating habits are changing at a rapid pace. But ultimately, consumers want only one thing: to enjoy honest and delicious food. We challenge ourselves every day to produce the best meat products, from the typical Dutch classics to innovative specialities. We care about the world we live in. Our future is determined by social and sustainable developments. That is why we continuously develop innovations in meat products together with our retail partners. We do everything we can to get the most out of our raw materials, so that nothing goes to waste.

Our products

Vegan carpaccio
Biologische gerookte kipfilet
Bio kipgrillworst
Organic breakfast bacon
Organic grillsausage
Organic roasted bacon
Organic roasted minced meat

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Industriestraße 19,   49767,   Twist
BestHides GmbH
Wasserbruck 3,   84174,   Eching
Der grüne Weg GmbH
Wilhelm-Bunsen-Straße 15,   49685 ,   Emstek
Vion Vilshofen GmbH
Aidenbacher Straße 78,   94474 ,   Vilshofen
Vion SBL Landshut GmbH
Am Banngraben 24,   84030 ,   Landshut
SFB Fleisch- u. Kühlcentrale GmbH
Industriestraße 22,   49451 ,   Holdorf
Vion Hilden GmbH
Westring 21,   40721 ,   Hilden
Vion Waldkraiburg GmbH
Traunreuter Straße 7,   84478 ,   Waldkraiburg
FVZ Convenience GmbH
Natorper Straße 57,   59439 ,   Holzwickede
Vion Beef B.V.
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 10,   86807 ,   Buchloe
Vion Scherpenzeel B.V.
’t Zwarte Land 13,   3925 CK ,   Scherpenzeel
The Netherlands
Vion Retail Groenlo B.V.
Den Sliem 1,   7141 JE ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands
ME-AT Leeuwarden B.V.
Curieweg 3,   8912 BM ,   Leeuwarden
The Netherlands
Vion Enschede B.V.
Het Lentfert 74,   7547 SP,   Enschede
The Netherlands
Vion Boxtel B.V.
Boseind 10,   5281 RM ,   Boxtel
The Netherlands
Encebe Vleeswaren B.V.
Boseind 10,   5281 RM,   Boxtel
The Netherlands
De Groene Weg B.V.
Den Sliem 1,   7141 JE ,   Groenlo
The Netherlands