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In a sustainable food chain, everyone contributes to a fair revenue model

Vion’s sustainability report focuses on building sustainable chains in the food chain.

Ronald Lotgerink CEO Vion: “a sustainable food chain is affordable and accessible to all and makes a positive contribution to social developments around climate and animal welfare concerns.

In recent years, Vion has invested in building food chains with clients and farmers. In these chains, agreements are made about animal welfare care on the farm and in the slaughterhouse, climate measures and a fair revenue model. Information, such as slaughter data, is exchanged via blockchain. It is thus open to the participant in the chain. The origin of the meat is also guaranteed via DNA traceability. Vion has improved the care of the individual animal with cameras that work with artificial intelligence. In this way, the interaction between humans and animals is always transparent and we help our employees take good care of each animal.

Based on scientific research by Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Vion calculates the carbon footprint of cattle and pigs in order to communicate this in the chain and with customers. This data provides insight for everyone to realise the environmental goals set.

Ultimately, the additional costs for better care and sustainability will be paid by the market. Agreements have already been reached with a few major retailers and livestock farmers on a fair distribution of costs in the chain. It offers more certainty and opportunities for customers who have specific requirements for more sustainable meat and vegan products on the shelf. Vion wants to build more sustainable chains with customers and farmers that are affordable and accessible in the coming years.

Read more about Vion’s sustainable chains in our Corporate Sustainability Report 2022.