Vion Food Service

Vion Food Service is active in the European food service market and supplies freshly frozen meat products (beef, pork and chicken) and vegetarian products under various brand names. The Food Service division represents 5% of Vion’s total turnover.
Vion Food Service is active in almost all European countries through its SALOMON FoodWorld brand (focused on hamburgers, center-of-plate and finger foods) and FVZ Convenience (focused on schnitzels). However, the largest market is the home market in Germany. Vion Food Service is the market leader in its field and the company would like to further expand its market share over the next years through the strong basis of its two different brands and an excellent relationship with existing partners.

Fresh frozen meat products and vegetarian products

Our mission: to excite your guests!

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Contact us

  • SALOMON FoodWorld® GmbH

    Nordring 13 | D-63762 Großostheim-Ringheim

    Tel +49 6026 506-0
    Kostenlose Hotline 008000/7256666

  • FVZ Convenience GmbH

    Natorper Straße 57
    59439 Holzwickede

    Telefon: 02301 91331-0

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