Company overview

Vion is an international meat producer with production locations in the Netherlands and Germany and sales support offices in thirteen countries worldwide. Our three divisions: Pork, Beef and Food Service, provide fresh pork and beef, and by-products for retail, foodservice and the meat processing industry.

We supply customers in our home markets of the Netherlands and Germany, as well as in other countries all over the world. Our headquarters are located in Boxtel, the Netherlands.


Our production locations


Our worldwide sales support offices


Our brands & concepts

Our wide range of brands and concepts is tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our products

From pork to beef, from burgers to schnitzels, from organic to vegetarian, and many more… discover the variety in wholesome food products Vion has to offer. Find out more in our online product catalogue.

All parts of the animals have value

Vion valorises all parts of the animals in the best possible way. Animal by-products that are not used for human consumption are used for animal feed or other purposes.

An average pig of 119 kg produces 62 kg of meat; and an average bovine of 575 kg produces 184 kg of meat. The remaining raw materials are used for a wide range of other products.


Vision, mission & strategy

We want to be a global leader and reliable partner within the food supply chain that provides people around the world with safe meat products, and we strive to be a leading actor in the consolidation and professionalisation of the meat industry.

All Vion’s undertakings are aimed at strengthening the long-term relationships with our business partners. It goes without saying that another major goal is to increase our company’s value for the benefit of all stakeholders: shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees.

With customers and the future in mind

Vion is a player in the middle of the meat supply chain. We have long-term relationships with our farmers, logistic partners and customers, to deliver safe and high quality beef, pork and convenience products to consumers all over the world.


Besides investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure to guarantee food safety, the innovations of our products and production methods help us meet the growing demand for sustainable processes and greater animal welfare. All this is done in dialogue with our stakeholders.

We aspire to be a game changer by participating actively in the societal debate around the meat industry. We also wish to contribute to solutions that enable our industry to implement best practices regarding the four major themes: animal welfare, supply chain (including traceability, transparency and product integrity), the environmental impact of meat production, and human health. In our CSR report you can read more about our CSR ambition. With this report we intend to stimulate the discussion with our stakeholders on these relevant items.


We are proud of the essential role that our company plays in the food industry. Delivering quality, in an open and transparent manner, with an eye for sustainability. All the while ambitiously working towards improved performance. That’s the way we do business at Vion.

Management & supervision

Management board & executive committee

Members of Vion’s management board are CEO Ronald Lotgerink and CFO John Morssink. The management board is supported by the executive committee in achieving the objectives of the company and implementing the strategic objectives set out in the strategy and business plan. In addition to the management board members, the other members of the executive committee include Binne Visser (Group HR Director), Bernd Stange (COO Beef), Bernd Stark (COO Food Service) and John de Jonge (COO Pork).

Ronald Lotgerink – CEO

1960, Dutch nationality

Chairman of the management board and executive committee

Ronald Lotgerink has been appointed CEO of Vion per 1 September 2018. Lotgerink started his career at KPMG. In 1989 he joined Zwanenberg Food Group as CFO. In 2007 he was appointed CEO at Zwanenberg Food Group. From 2014 – 2018 he was a member of the supervisory board of Vion. Ronald Lotgerink is well versed in the challenges of international meat markets and has extensive experience with branded products, private labels and the meat processing industry.

John Morssink – CFO

1966, Dutch nationality

Member of the management board and executive committee

John Morssink has been appointed CFO of Vion as per 1 November 2018. Morssink has extensive international management experience.

During his career he has worked in various positions at Ahold, among which Financial Director of Albert Heijn Supermarkten. Morssink also worked as Director Control & Strategy at Post NL and as CFO a.i. of Kwantum / Home Fashion Group. Given his previous role as CFO of Vion’s Pork division (2016-2018), he knows the business and processes.

Binne Visser – Group HR Director

1970, Dutch nationality

Member of the executive committee

Binne Visser has been Group HR Director at Vion since 3 September 2018. Over the last 23 years Binne Visser has built up broad international experience working in senior management roles in human resources management. As the owner of the organisational consultancy firm PAMpeople (partner in people management) he helped various organisations in the area of organisational development, change management, culture development and restructuring for almost 10 years. His most recent position was that of HR and Communications director at Kramp Groep, a product supplier in the agricultural sector, where the focus was on transformation and digitisation. Prior to this, he worked as HR director at ForFarmers, where the emphasis was on the merging of various business units and preparations for a public offering.

Bernd Stange – COO Beef

1960, German nationality

Member of the executive committee

Since 1 April 2014, Bernd Stange is appointed as COO Beef at Vion. Bernd Stange has been managing director of the business unit Fresh Meat Germany and the business unit Pork and Beef since 2013. He joined Vion in 2000, starting as managing director at A. Moksel. In 2006 he was responsible for the business unit Fresh Meat North before moving to the business unit Fresh Meat South.

Bernd Stange has worked in the meat sector throughout his professional career and has built up a deep knowledge of the sector and experience at management level.

Bernd Stark – COO Food Service

1958, German nationality

Member of the executive committee

Bernd Stark has been appointed COO Food Service as per 1 April 2014. Bernd Stark has been working at Vion since 2005, beginning as director at Salomon Hitburger. In 2011, he became the managing director of Salomon FoodWorld. Since 2012, he has been the managing director of the division Food Service in Germany. He previously was marketing director at Nestlé Schöller and additionally for the Mövenpick brand.

Bernd Stark is highly competent and his knowledge and expertise are of great value for the Food Service division.

John de Jonge – COO Pork

1968, Dutch nationality

Member of the executive committee

As of 1 January 2019, John de Jonge took up the position of Chief Operating Officer Pork. John de Jonge has worked in the meat sector for over 25 years. He has extensive knowledge of the sector and broad management experience. After his study at Wageningen University, he worked for several years as plant manager at Murris Meppel BV and Hendrix Meat Group. John de Jonge joined Vion in 2003. During his career at Vion he took up the position of among others plant manager, Manager Performance Center of the Fresh Meat division, Director Operations Pork, Director Business Unit Pork NL and Chief Supply Chain Officer for the Pork division. In 2018 he completed the INSEAD programme Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice (LEAP).

Supervisory board

The supervisory board of Vion has the following members: Theo Koekkoek (chairman), Tom Heidman (vice-chairman), Marieke Bax, Hans Huijbers, Rogier Jacobs and Ton van der Laan.

T.P. (Theo) Koekkoek

1971, Dutch nationality

Agricultural entrepreneur

Main other positions:
Member supervisory board Rabobank Altena-Bommelerwaard, member board CDA, chairman advisory board Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand, member supervisory board Maatschappij van Welstand, member board Agriprofocus and member audit committee Stichting Join Data.

T. (Tom) Heidman

1959, Dutch nationality

Former functions:
CEO C1000 and Retail Network, operational and commercial director Albert Heijn, director Gall&Gall and interim-CEO Vion (26 January 2015 until 1 September 2015).

Main other positions:
Member supervisory board Euroma, Vermaat Groep, Remia, The European Candy Group and Migros Ticaret AS (Turkije).

M. (Marieke) Bax

1961, Dutch nationality

Former functions:
Various functions Sara Lee Corporation (among which head strategy and M&A Europe for meat, foodservice and textile division), CFO e-commerce company, managing partner governance and communication firm Gooseberry and initiator Talent to the Top.

Main other positions:
Board member Euroclear (audit- and risk committee), member supervisory board VastNed Retail (chairman remuneration and appointment committee), member board CLSA B.V. and member advisory board Fonds Podiumkunsten.

J.A.M. (Hans) Huijbers

1959, Dutch nationality

Agricultural entrepreneur

Main other positions:
Chairman Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie (ZLTO), member board LTO Nederland, chairman steering committee Agricultural Innovation Noord-Brabant, chairman advisory board HAS Den Bosch, member board People 4 Earth, member advisory board Staatsbosbeheer and member board council animal affairs.

R. (Rogier) Jacobs

1960, Dutch nationality


Former functions:
CIO Cofco International, CIO Cargill INC and various management positions at Océ, Toyota, Ericsson and Capgemini among others.

Main other positions:

A.T.C. (Ton) van der Laan

1953, Dutch nationality

Former functions:
CEO Nidera, plaform leader Cargill, CEO Provimi, senior vice-president Unilever and managing director Philips DAP.

Main other positions:
Member supervisory board of Royal De Heus, member supervisory board Dümmen Orange, vice-chairman supervisory board Rain Forrest Alliance and Non-executive director Marel.

The supervisory board has appointed an audit committee and a remuneration, selection and appointment committee from among its members. The members of the remuneration, selection and appointment committee are Tom Heidman (chairman), Hans Huijbers and Theo Koekkoek. The members of the audit committee are Marieke Bax (chairman), Rogier Jacobs and Ton van der Laan.

Corporate governance

Vion Holding N.V. is a public limited liability company under Dutch law with its registered office in Best, the Netherlands. Vion is exempted from applying the Dutch legal regime for large companies, the so-called large company regime (structuurregime), because Vion is an international holding company.

Vion has a two-tier board. The management board is responsible for managing the company. It is supervised and advised by the supervisory board. Both boards are accountable to Vion’s general meeting of shareholders. The management board is supported by the executive committee.

Vion’s corporate governance consists of rules based on Dutch legislation, its articles of association, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, and Vion’s own code of conduct.


Stichting Administratiekantoor SBT (SBT) is the sole shareholder of the company. SBT has issued depositary receipts for its shares in the company. The depositary receipts have been issued without cooperation of the company. All depositary receipts are held by Noordbrabantse Christelijke Boerenbond, Rooms-Katholieke Vereniging van Boeren en Tuinders-Ontwikkeling (NCB-Ontwikkeling). The board of SBT consists of five members. According to the articles of association of SBT three out of five board members are appointed by NCB-Ontwikkeling. The other two board members are also appointed by NCB-Ontwikkeling as holder of all depositary receipts. At this moment one board member of SBT is also member of the board of NCB-Ontwikkeling. NCB-Ontwikkeling is related to Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie (ZLTO), mainly because the board of NCB-Ontwikkeling consists of the same members as the board of ZLTO and the members of NCB-Ontwikkeling are also member of ZLTO. ZLTO is an association for entrepreneurs working in agricultural sectors and has approximately 15,000 members in Noord Brabant, Zeeland and the southern part of Gelderland. NCB-Ontwikkeling acts as the investment fund of ZLTO.

Dutch Corporate Governance Code

On 8 December 2016 the revised Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the Code) was published. The revised Code applies as of the financial year 2017. Because Vion is not listed on a stock exchange, applying the Code is not mandatory. Vion applies the Code nevertheless because it provides a sound and transparent system of checks and balances within a company to regulate relations between the management board, the supervisory board and the general meeting of shareholders that contributes to confidence in the good and responsible management of companies and their integration into society.

In accordance with the Code’s “comply or explain” principle Vion deviates from the Code’s principles and best practice provisions in a number of instances. Generally speaking, this is the case where the provisions are not compatible with its legal structure and the nature of its business or are specifically written for listed companies with a widespread ownership.

The required changes as a result of the revised Code have been made in amongst others the rules of procedure of the management board, the supervisory board, the audit committee and the remuneration, selection and appointment committee.

More information about corporate governance can be found in our annual report.

Governance documents

Please find below download links to the English governance documents.

Rules of procedure and rotation plan


More information about the remuneration policy can be found in our annual report.

Articles of association

The articles of association of Vion Holding N.V.

Good Business Practice

Our Good Business Practice Guide provides a clear and concise summary of how we interact with each other within our company and how we respond in certain situations. The guide contains information on our code of conduct (standards and values), whistleblower policy and our approach towards information security and fraud prevention.

Please find below the Good Business Practice Guide in various languages:

Whistleblower policy

Vion is committed to conducting business at all times in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the Vion code of conduct and all company policies. Therefore, it is important that Vion is aware of all possible violations, especially those that are against the laws and regulations or violate our code of conduct and policies. Our whistleblower policy is intended to encourage everyone within Vion to report suspected irregularities in good faith and substantively. More information regarding the whistleblower policy can be found in our Good Business Practice Guide.

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