Sliced delicatessen meats of consistent quality

Sliced belly

Sliced belly is popular: the meat and fat complement each other in a flavoursome balance. This product can be supplied in many variations, with the shape and thickness of the meat tailored to the customer’s wishes. A thick-cut variety is often chosen in Europe, in the form of pork belly, for instance. In Asia, thinly sliced meat is preferred for use on the barbecue or table-top grilling – marinated or with a sauce. We supply all desired shapes and thicknesses and guarantee consistent quality.


Collar (neck) is a meat marbled with fat that is tender and full of flavour. When thinly sliced, it is ideally suited for table-top grilling, while thicker cuts are delicious on the barbecue. Our collar product has a consistent quality, and we supply it in the shapes and thicknesses our customers request; from 1 mm to 50 mm thick.


Loin, the back muscle, is a premium part of the pig. It contains a lot of meat and less fat for real meat structure and flavour. Thicker cut loins are highly suitable as steaks for the barbecue or grill. We can also produce thinner cut loins. Due to our scale, we are able to offer consistent quality: every slice, from any packaging, has the full flavour to which you are accustomed from us.

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