Premium hams for gourmets

Robusto ham

Vion has supplied hams to Italy – the land of the gourmets – for many years. In 2017, we added a premium quality ham to our range with the introduction of Robusto. Robusto guarantees the highest quality achievable as a raw material for premium cured ham. Our Robusto hams meet very stringent quality requirements and are selected individually. They are distinguished by their weight, colour, fat layer, intramuscular fat, shape and consistency, and are perfect for the top segment of the Italian – and Spanish – cured ham industry.

Our Spanish ham, with a V cut, is supplied to Spain as raw ham. There, it undergoes an extensive production cycle: dry salting and a ‘four seasons process’ in which the temperature in the drying rooms changes in line with the seasons. After 18 months, the ham is ready to be sold. We apply all of our talent and skills to ensure that our Spanish ham is of the highest quality, with a finely-tuned weight, fat layer, cut and consistency.

Speck ham

Our boneless, dry-cured Speck ham goes to Spain and Italy. We debone the ham, cut it to the desired shape and send it to Italy or Spain for further processing and slicing. Because the ham is boneless, the salting process goes much faster and the entire curing process takes only six months. Due to our scale, we are able to select the very best products and choose the correct hams.

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