Our production locations
in Germany

Vion Emstek

Vion Emstek is located in the middle of the Oldenburger Münsterland – one of the key European areas for the production of pork. The lines from the supplying pig farmers are short, and the quality of the processing is very high. The Emstek location is very much oriented towards exports, and after intensive audits, is one of just two sites in the whole of Germany that has been granted permission to supply China, with all of the required certificates.

EC approval number: DE NI 11806 EG

Ahlener Fleischhandel

The Ahlen location is situated in the heart of Westphalia and specialises in the specific processing of hams. The hams are deboned here in accordance with client specifications and are prepared for the processed meat industry and for retail. Apart from national destinations, Ahlen also supplies customers in Italy, Tirol and Spain.

EC approval number: DE EZ 435 EWG

Vion Crailsheim

Both pigs and cattle are slaughtered and deboned at the Crailsheim location. More than half of the fresh meat is sold in the region, to butchers, restaurants, hotels and the meat processing industry. For this reason, the location also participates in regional quality programmes. Some of the meat also is exported, such as bellies to Korea and back bacon to Japan.

EC approval number: DE NI 01110 EG

Vion Holdorf

The Holdorf location specialises in the freezing of all pork products. Here, all pork products and by-products destined for the domestic market and export are packaged, frozen and boxed for (inter)national container transport.

EC approval number: DE NI 11399 EG

Vion Landshut

In recent years, the Landshut location – situated in the middle of a large pork production area in Bavaria – has made major investments in the modernisation of the business to the highest possible levels of quality and animal welfare legislation. Landshut supplies ‘Geprüfte Qualität Bayern’ (GQB) to regional markets, and its hyper-modern cold stores deliver whole/part carcasses to customers abroad, mainly in Southern Europe.

EC approval number: DE NI 21492 EG

Vion Perleberg

The Perleberg location is situated between Berlin and Hamburg in the State of Brandenburg, and has been a renowned supplier of fresh pork, specifically for retail, for 25 years. All of Germany is familiar with Kassler products, which are mainly used in winter specialities such as kale, mashed potato and vegetable dishes. However, Perleberg also supplies international markets.

EC approval number: DE ES 996 EG / DE EV 996 EG / DE EZ 996 EG

Vion Vilshofen

The Vilshofen location is situated in the heart of the Bavarian pig-farming region. Following major investments and modernisation, the location is now among the top performers in terms of animal welfare and meat quality. Vilshofen supplies ‘Geprüfte Qualität Bayern’ (GQB) to the processed meat industry, regional butchers and the retail sector. Carcasses are mainly supplied to customers abroad, particularly Italy.

EC approval number: DE NI 21143 EG

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