Our production locations
in the Netherlands

Vion Boxtel

Vion Boxtel is Vion’s largest slaughterhouse in the Netherlands, where we sort, select and cut products according to a wide variety of customer specifications. As a ham deboning and cutting centre, the location is certified in accordance with the highest standards. Proof of this top quality is the granting of export permits for Greece, Italy, America, China, Japan and Korea, for whom we produce and package specific cuts.

EC approval number: NL 61 EG

Vion Apeldoorn

Extensive investments in 2017 have made the Apeldoorn site into a state-of-the-art production location in accordance with the latest insights and standards. The facility includes a completely new cutting hall and deboning department, as well as a new cooling system. It supplies customer-specific cuts both nationally and internationally, with a separate production line to supply Japan, which has specific requirements for processes and products. We also package products for our Asian customers.

EC approval number: NL 312 EG

Vion Groenlo

The Groenlo location specialises in the processing of pigs according to Good Farming Star sustainability concepts (with a one star Beter Leven label) and De Groene Weg (organic). Separate streams have been organised for these concepts in order to fully monitor the provenance and processing. The Groenlo location mainly supplies industrial companies that serve the retail sector, as well as the Asian market.

EC approval number: NL 367 EG

Vion Scherpenzeel

The Scherpenzeel location specialises in the processing of middles, supplying a lot of smoked bacon to the English market. In the slicing department, products are produced completely to the specifications of international clients by a specialised team. Apart from England, the location also supplies Japan, South Korea, the USA, Canada and Australia in a great variety of sizes and forms of packaging.

EC approval number: NL 82 EG

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