Premium beef

Premium beef is our passion, and we know the diversity of beef like no other: quality depends on variety, origin, breeding, ripening and slaughter. Marbling is a main criterion for taste, and well-marbled meat is tender and juicy with a rich aroma.


  • Finely-marbled meat
  • Dry-aged on the bone
  • Aged for at least 30 days
  • Incomparably tender and aromatic
  • From T-bones to rump steak: every cut a treat for the palate

Dry Aged Rindfleisch

A traditional, dry-aging method ages the beef in special chambers. This drying and aging approach creates an intense taste: slightly nutty, buttery and very tender!

German TV program on ‘Dry Aged Beef – Meat for the Meat-lover’:

GOLDBEED Dry & Wet Aged

  • Perfectly matured due to combi-aging
  • Dry-aged at least 10 days on the bone and 12 days in a vacuum
  • Pre-selection limited to female animals
  • Characteristic flavour, from roasts to steaks
  • Minimum 42-day shelf life in vacuum packaging

GOLDBEEF 100% Simmental

  • A first-class breed with tradition!
  • Finely-marbled for a unique, tender and juicy taste sensation
  • The ‘Simmentaler Fleckvieh’ is at home in the Alps and is bred there by family farming companies who value quality, attention and tradition
  • As a dual-purpose breed, Simmentaler beef provides a better eco-balance, thereby contributing to more sustainable agriculture

GOLDBEEF 100% Holstein-Friesian

  • The typical northern cattle breed
  • Optimal meat quality through targeted selection
  • Real sustainability through establishment in the Holstein-Friesian region

GOLDBEEF 100% Heifers

  • Incomparably tender and juicy meat from young female animals
  • Unique, fine marbling for an ideal taste


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