Optimum meat assortment for retailers

Consumers want high-quality, delicious, fresh pork to be available anytime. Good knowledge of trends and needs is important to discern how consumers prefer to eat their meat. Vion bundles all of its knowledge about markets, consumers, packaging, logistical processes, meat, and herbs and spices with one goal: to assemble an optimum meat assortment in collaboration with retailers that meets the demands of shoppers.

One way in which Vion tracks consumer needs is through Vion Consumer Insights. The information collected in this way is used to refine the assortment and develop new concepts, and Vion develops new, distinguishing concepts each season that capitalise on trends such as ‘ease of use’. This ensures, for instance, that specialty items can be found on supermarket meat shelves during holidays and the barbecue season.

Transparency about food and meat production methods is a theme that is growing in importance, and Vion is actively responding to this. Vion also believes in supply chain cooperation. For instance, our Good Farming concepts are based on integrated supply chain management in which we work on food safety, quality, animal welfare and health, traceability, transparency and sustainability. You can read more about these aspects below.

Vion Consumer Insights

How do consumers think about food and meat? How much importance do they place on regional production? What sustainability characteristics should these products have? What role does meat play in consumers’ daily nutrition? The Vion Consumer Monitor answers these questions and uses the results to formulate current consumer trends.

The aim of the Vion Consumer Monitor, developed in collaboration operation with the research organisation GfK, is to better understand buyers of meat and the purchasing process. Vion provides retailers with in-depth information based on the Monitor’s results. This helps them to optimise their product assortment and shelf presentation to perfectly match market demand.

Would you like to know more about the Vion Consumer Monitor? Contact us at consumer.monitor@vionfood.com.

Our premium concepts and products

Vion Pork’s retail product range is continually being developed. We capitalise on current trends with new concepts and we present new specialities each season alongside our extensive basic assortment. Vion offers a wide range of high-quality, delicious, fresh pork, subdivided into the categories of pre-packaged fresh meat, processed meat products and frozen sliced products.

Our production locations

Our fresh pork and processed meat products are produced at four high-quality production locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

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