Delicious, fresh and
ready-to-eat pork products

Pre-packaged fresh meat

Vion continuously engages in product development and innovations, and we pay close attention to flavour and ease of use when developing our Retail assortment. Consumers increasingly want to prepare delicious products in a short time, so we develop products that are eminently suitable for this. Examples include oven products, ready-to-cook products and barbecue meat. Aside from premium concepts, Vion has an extensive basic assortment of popular pork and beef products.

Our premium concepts


Table-top grilling has made a strong comeback in recent years, and our assortment consists of a wide variety of meat and marinades. A roast is always a success, and our assortment consists mainly of large roasts that are suitable for the whole family. However, the number of smaller households is continuing to rise, so we have developed a range of mini-roasts for this target group.


Barbecuing is possible in many ways. Vion offers a wide range of barbecue products. Great on a stick and unmissable on the barbecue are our skewers were developed for barbecue cooking. The range consists of various products from sausages to kebabs, as well as items such as boneless spare ribs. We also use currently-popular flavours such as Chorizo, Gaucho and Chili for an optimal taste experience.

BBQ Star is the newest barbecue concept from Vion. For BBQ Star Vion developed seven unique pork and beef products with specially developed spice rubs and marinades. The range consists of: Spareribs, Porchetta, Pulled Pork, Flat Iron Steak, Côte de Boeuf, Ribeye and Picanha.

Oven dishes

Convenience is key! Products that can be prepared in the oven are growing in popularity as consumers spend less time in the kitchen while attaching more value to fresh and flavoursome products. Our new oven dishes fit perfectly within this trend. The ‘Chef’s Stove’ and ‘Easy2stove’ concepts offer convenience and can be served exactly as our customers wish with pasta, rice and/or fresh vegetables – a complete meal with fresh ingredients in no time at all.

Our basic assortment

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