Processed pork products:
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Processed meat products

Processed meat product specialists Encebe Vleeswaren in the Netherlands and Otto Nocker in Germany are part of Vion. We provide processed meat products in all sorts of varieties, including sandwich fillers, snacks, meal components and toppings. We offer something for everyone: organic, lean, spicy, boiled, dried, smoked, braised or fried… the possibilities are endless! Our products are cut or sliced, packaged and supplied according to customer wishes.

Our premium concepts

Encebe Vleeswaren

Located in Boxtel, Encebe Vleeswaren is a true specialist in processed meat products. Through Encebe, we offer a wide range of high-quality processed meat products that are produced with passion in an authentic manner by butchers with craftsmanship. Quality, flavour and health are paramount. For instance, Encebe offers a wide range of organic processed meat products and we capitalise on the current healthy food trend by developing lean and protein-rich products. In addition, Encebe produces customer-specific products that can be used as meal components or toppings. The Encebe range also contains various specialities such as porchetta and pulled pork.

Otto Nocker

Otto Nocker is Vion’s processed meat products specialist in Bavaria, in southern Germany. Nocker’s range consists of traditional Bavarian products produced through a combination of traditional recipes and craftsmanship. Examples of these products include the famous ‘Münchner Weißwurst’ and ‘Leberkäse’, along with a wide range of different types of sausage, sliced processed meats, pizza toppings and sandwich fillings such as salami.

Our basic assortment

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