Our production locations

Vion Retail Groenlo

The Vion Retail location in Groenlo is a special retail location where the best raw materials are processed into ready-to-eat meat products for retail and food service. Since the end of 2016, the adjacent slaughterhouse in Groenlo has specialised entirely in the processing of pigs according to the sustainability concepts of Good Farming Star and De Groene Weg. Both domestic and foreign supermarkets are supplied by Vion Retail Groenlo. In total, Vion Retail Groenlo produces more than 500 different items (‘sliced products’), including belly pork, chops and loin steaks. These are marinated at the request of the customer. Vion Retail Groenlo also supplies more than 200 different meat products, including pork paupiettes, shawarma, shashlik, mince and hamburgers.

Vion Retail Groenlo holds a number of quality and food safety certificates, including IFS (International Featured Standard), ISO 9001/2015. Furthermore, Vion Retail Groenlo is certified by IKB (Integrale Keten Beheersing), BLK (Beter Leven Keurmerk 1, 2 and 3 stars), Skal (for organic production) and CBL Chain of Custody to demonstrate the security of the product and process integrity.

EC approval number: NL 585 EG

Encebe Vleeswaren

Customers receive daily deliveries from the Encebe Vleeswaren production location in Boxtel. Quality assurance and traceability are extremely important. Encebe has a number of certificates to guarantee this, including BRC at A level and IFS at higher level. The quality assurance is entirely secured. After preparation, the products are made ready for customers in a high-care environment. The processed meat products are produced with passion in an authentic manner by butchers who demonstrate genuine craftsmanship. The smoking of processed meat products takes place a traditional way, using beech wood chips. Products can be boiled, grilled, fried, smoked or, in the case of dried sausage, fermented.

EC approval number: NL 341 EG

Vion Großostheim

Vion Convenience GmbH in Großostheim is the only German Vion location that supplies fresh meat to retail channels. This location supplies supermarkets and butchers with fresh pork and beef products. Almost all products originate from Vion’s own slaughterhouses and processing locations. Vion Convenience GmbH offers fresh meat for all of Vion’s main meat concepts, including organic.

EC approval number: DE NI 60358 EG

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