Logistics: an essential part of our daily business

About our logistics

As an international producer of meat, meat products and plant based alternatives, logistics is an essential part of Vion Food Group’s daily business. Customers worldwide expect a high-quality product, which can only be guaranteed through flawless production, storage and efficient transport.

From road transport to sea freight, with cold storage and empties management, logistics at Vion ensures that national and international markets are served day after day. The combination of Vion’s own fleet of vehicles, an internal freight forwarder for Germany, DistriFresh for the Benelux Union and external logistics companies ensures that a sensitive commodity such as meat products, frozen and fresh meat, arrive at the end customer hygienically and in the highest quality.

Purchasing ensures that the service providers meet the Group’s high-quality requirements and that the demanding service level is always maintained.

Central Empties Management deals with the planning, control and monitoring of loading equipment stocks and their circulation, internally between the Vion sites and externally between the sites and the customer. The use of loading equipment extends along the entire length of the supply chain and is an essential part of ensuring production, transport and ultimately the availability of goods. Through its recurring use, empties management thus contributes to the sustainable design of the entire process, from production to the customer or end consumer.

Under the motto “Food that Matters”, more than 100 million consumers are supplied with Vion Food Group products every day. In the food industry, reliability and speed are the top priorities. Legal regulations and hygiene concepts must be adhered to and cold chains must not be interrupted under any circumstances. Thanks to the sophisticated and efficient planning of logistics, approximately 3.7 million tons of further

Vion Move GmbH

Vion Move GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vion Food Group with its head office in Buchloe and another branch office in Twist. The company specializes in providing logistics services for Vion’s German sites. The associated areas include logistics services in the operational and strategic areas, fleet management and empties management.

The project for an internal freight forwarding company was initiated by Vion Move GmbH in 2018. The fleet drives interregional transports between the Vion Group-owned locations throughout Germany. Since 2020, the company has been supported by the site in Twist.

Centralized logistics can ensure efficient transport, which not only saves monetary and time resources, but also has a positive impact on the carbon footprint. With this approach, a solution for a sustainable reduction of dependency on external forwarders could also be created.

Vion Move GmbH has been certified according to IFS Food since March 2021.

“IFS Food is aimed at suppliers at all stages in food processing as well as companies where unpackaged food is packaged. Among other things, the standard focuses on checking compliance with specifications in the production of private labels regarding quality and food safety.” (DNV GL)

More information about IFS Food certification can be found here.

Vion Move GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 10
D-86807 Buchloe

E-Mail: vionmove@vionfood.com
Phone: +49 8241 503 380


DistriFresh is the in-house freight forwarder of Vion Food Group in Boxtel in the Netherlands. As a specialist in refrigerated transport, the fleet operates not only in the Netherlands, but also on the roads in Belgium and Luxembourg.

More information about DistriFresh can be found here.

Van Salmstraat 64
NL-5281 RS Boxtel

E-Mail: info@distrifresh.com
Phone: +31 88 995 4100

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