Corporate Governance

Vion Holding N.V. is a Dutch public limited company whose registered seat is in Best, the Netherlands. The Executive Board is responsible for the company strategy, its portfolio policy, the deployment of people and the use of resources, the company’s risk management system and the development of results. The Supervisory Board supervises the policy of the Executive Board and the general state of affairs within the company, while taking into consideration the interests of all stakeholders. The company has one indirect shareholder, NCB Ontwikkeling, which is affiliated with the Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie (ZLTO).

To safeguard the continuity of the company, the shareholder has transferred the shares and, as a result, control to a Trust Foundation. The Trust board is also composed of members outside of the shareholder’s circle.

Maintaining a careful balance

When filling vacancies in the future, as much attention as possible will be paid to ensuring a good balance between men and women. Members of the Executive and Supervisory Boards of Vion are appointed on the basis of a carefully considered profile of competencies. In 2013, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board did not yet have a good balance between men and women as referred to in the new Dutch Act on management and supervision.

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